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How Can I Get My Kids To Recycle?

a group of young children learn about recycling and it's impact on the environment

As a parent, you want to do your best to teach your kids the right way to live. This includes being kind to others, doing well in school and getting enough sleep at night. But what about recycling? It’s not always easy for kids to get into the habit of recycling, so it can be hard for parents as well. Luckily, there are some simple ways that you can help your child learn about recycling and make sure they practice it every day!

Show them what you’re doing.

The best way for kids to learn about recycling is by example. Show them how you separate your waste at home, then take them out to the local recycling center so they can see the process in action. This way, it will be easier for them to understand why it’s important to recycle and how to do it properly when they’re older.

Talk to your school about recycling.

If you’re looking for ways to teach your children about recycling and encourage them to get involved in the process, it’s important that schools become involved. Schools can help with recycling education, as well as providing bins and other tools that students can use when they return home from school. They might also have programs and initiatives in place that will encourage students to recycle more frequently. This could be done through campaigns or simply by providing incentives such as stickers or small rewards when a certain amount of material has been recycled by students.

Be a recycler at home and in public.

In addition to setting an example, you can also encourage your family to recycle at home by creating a “green” space. You could designate a recycling area and place bins for paper and plastic. This will make it easier for everyone in the house to dispose of their recyclables properly, which will help your kids realize how important recycling really is.

Try not to make assumptions about their understanding of recycling.

It’s important to keep in mind that your kids might not understand the importance of recycling, or even know what it is. Don’t assume they do, because this will make them less likely to listen to you when you tell them why it’s important.

Your kids are also probably not experts on how to recycle, so don’t assume they know how to sort materials for recycling or where their recycling goes after it leaves their house.

They may also need some help understanding how composting works and why it’s important, especially if your family doesn’t currently compost (or hasn’t done so in awhile).

Teaching kids how to recycle is easy–just make sure it’s a group effort!

Teaching kids how to recycle is easy—just make sure it’s a group effort!

The first step toward turning your child into a green recycler? Being an example at home and in public. If your kid doesn’t see you recycling, then he or she won’t know about it. Next, try not to make assumptions about their understanding of recycling—your child may be totally aware of the importance of recycling but needs some help mastering the process. Finally, show them what you’re doing: Instead of just telling them that glass goes in one bin and plastic bottles go in another (or whatever), explain why you’re throwing this stuff away before handing over their empty juice box or water bottle.

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